Start Ups

The best entrée into York Angels is to have a member review and recommend your business to our pre-screening committee. If you do not know a member, that’s ok. You are welcome to apply directly through our site.

Welcome Startups

York Angel Investors is a leading angel group in the Greater Toronto Area with over 100 active members. We are proud to count as our members a group of experienced accredited investors, who themselves have diverse business and industry knowledge. Consequently, this does not restrict potential investments by York Angels to specific sectors, technologies, or industries.

We invest in early-stage startups, but prior to applying, please take a moment to review the sections below to ensure your business is at the right stage and ready to seek an angel investment with York Angel Investors

We invest in early-stage startups primarily in the following areas :

Looking to Get Funded by York Angel Investors

Here’s How

Apply for Early Look & Pre-Screening

Complete the York Angels Intake Form so we can get to know you a bit more. Everyone starts here. If you look to be a good fit, we will send you a link to apply for Pre-Screening.

There is no cost to submit a York Angels Pre-Screening application. Completing it will take about 20 minutes. If approved, you will be invited to a York Angels Screening Meeting to pitch to a small group of our investors.

Pitch at Screening & Investment Meetings

Twice per month our Screening Committee will review 8 startups. You will spend up to 30 minutes pitching your startup and answering thoughtful questions, so that we can understand as much as possible about your startup. Be one of the top 3 startups and you will be invited to our monthly Investment Meeting.

At our virtual Investment Meeting you present your startup to our entire membership through a 30 minute pitch and Q&A session.

Due Diligence & Funding

Following the Investment Meeting, our investors, working through our Due Diligence Team, will analyze your startup and conduct a 2-3 hour due diligence call, before confirming their angel investment. This process can take up to 30 days, but will be shorter the more prepared your data room is.

We just need a little information to start

  • Is your start-up incorporated in Canada?
  • What stage is your start-up or technology at?
  • Are you the Founder or Co-Founder of your company/start-up?