York Angel Investors is a member-based group of accredited investors with a broad range of experiences as professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry executives, seeking to diversify their portfolio by investing in innovative early-stage private companies. Our collaborative approach provides entrepreneurs with Capital, Connections, and Mentorship, helping manage and expedite their growth and our potential financial returns.

Welcome Investors

We are dedicated to providing an excellent experience and service to all our members. We host 11 Investor Meetings and several other events every year where our members will have an opportunity to consider and invest in over 30 companies.

Our portfolio companies benefit from our members’ expertise in B2B and B2C ,SaaS, Fintech, CleanTech, IoT, InsureTech, HealthTech, Industrial Automation, CPG, and Marketplace Solutions and many more. The Investments we make often represent the bridge between Self-Financed, Friends & Family funding and Seed Stage, Venture Capital, or Private Equity funding.

Why Join York Angels

York Angel Investors is a not-for-profit and is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The Board supervises a small management team. We provide the resources to assist our members in accessing and evaluating high-quality deal flow, but the investment decisions are made by each individual member.

Benefits of Membership in York Angel Investors

Group Brand
Association with one of the premier Angel Groups in Canada. Investors don’t chase after great opportunities; great companies ask to pitch

Strong Deal Flow
A curated selection of vetted investment opportunities not available to any single investor that provides exposure to attractive emerging companies across a broad range of industries

Risk Mitigation
Diverse backgrounds of investors provide complimentary checks and balances when evaluating opportunities.

Mentorship and Shared Workload
Opportunity to work on deal flow teams to screen and evaluate investment opportunities, as well as learn from each other during due diligence and negotiations

Administration & Standardized Processes Infrastructure to organize application & screening processes, due diligence, and term sheet negotiation.

Special sessions and presentations focused on angel investing, portfolio construction, and risk reduction.

Monthly Investment Meetings
Networking opportunities with knowledgeable investors, professional partners, and innovative entrepreneurs.

Opportunity to leverage your experiences and connections to mentor a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Syndicate Deals
Access to other angel group deals in our ecosystem when appropriate.

Our members collaborate on screening and due diligence and pool their investment funds to create critical mass. Each member makes individual investment decisions and understands that investments in early-stage, privately-held ventures are risky and can be illiquid. Typical angel investments can take years before capital is returned, and, in some cases, the company goes out of business and no money is returned. Serving on corporate boards can also expose an individual to substantial personal liability. Our members understand these risks and exposures and evaluate investments on a case-by-case basis.