Investment Criteria

York Angel Investors is one of the largest and most active angel organizations in Canada, with over 100 active members ready to support you with capital, connections, and mentorship.

Our members have invested across multiple industries and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them get “investment ready” through mentorship, pitch practices, education, and connections to potential customers.

Preference will be given to companies that have demonstrated that founder, friends, and family capital have been extensively deployed to bring the product or service to, or very close to its first revenue customers.

If your startup is incorporated in Canada with established proof of concept and is poised for growth, please apply for funding.

How we evaluate each opportunity

Management Team

Passion, drive, and commitment to the business and the problem they are solving

Track record of leadership and performance – either in the company’s specific industry or in prior entrepreneurial ventures

Open to and comfortable with feedback; coachable

Can inspire confidence with future stakeholders: employees, customers, and investors.

Competition & Competitive Advantage

Identified business & technology barriers to entry

Competitive advantage that can maintain that position

Intellectual Property (IP) proprietary features, exclusive licensing, distribution rights, unique talent, or trademarks that improve defensibility

Status of Intellectual Property – Patents obtained, filed, or plan to file?

Identified current and potential direct and indirect competitors


Transparent funding history

Complete set of financial statements – including income statement, cash flow and balance sheet, and projections based on logical and realistic assumptions

Cumulative revenue & current burn rate

Can demonstrate how high gross margins and consistent cash flow growth will be achieved

Raise, Valuation, and Use of Proceeds

Is the raise tied directly to the business model, go-to-market strategy, achievement of key milestones, and financials?

Reasonable basis for valuation and consideration for future funding rounds and respective valuations

Market Opportunity

We invest in solutions that solve major problems and have a clearly articulated Customer Value Proposition and meet some or all the following markets conditions:

Significantly large addressable target market

Identifiable market segment

Strong use case

Demonstrable and significant demand for the solution

Projected spend in a product category is growing faster than the general market

Business Model

The model must fit your product, features, market, resources, and pricing:

Account size

Gross margin

Sales cycle

Sales channels

Sales pipeline

Go To Market Strategy

Existing frameworks for maximum market penetration with efficient use of resources, whether internally or externally sourced

Direct, indirect, or channel strategy?

Customer acquisition costs

The Exit Strategy

The anticipated size of company at scale

Time period to a potential exit

Specific steps you might take operationally to achieve your exit.

Possible exit valuation – Angel Investors generally expect to generate a return of at least ten times their initial investment

Identified potential logical acquirers

Ready to apply?

If you’ve read all about our Investment Criteria and our Investment Process, polished your business plan, and perfected your presentation, you are now ready to fill out our application.

You can follow our Angel Investment Readiness Checklist to help you prepare a comprehensive business plan that will help you get investment-ready.