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Why Partner with York Angel Investors

York Angels is committed to building and maintaining a strong startup ecosystem that includes founders, funders, and supporting organizations. What makes our Partnership Program different is our focus on “value beyond investment”. Our Program is designed to strengthen the ties between you, our portfolio companies, new up-and-coming startups and our members. Since inception, we have been involved in 190+ deals, invested over $26 million, and have grown tomore than 120 high net-worth members; making us the 3rd largest membership-based Angel group inCanada, and in 2018, the #1 in Canada for investments made.

Our size gives participants in our Partnership Program tremendous reach and exposure. Not only do we have a large list of portfolio startup companies, but our email list reaches over 600 investors, founders and ecosystem groups several times per month. We pre-screen over 60 startups monthly, have 6000+ social followers, and 21,000+ annual unique website visitors.

Partnership Opportunities

One of the primary goals are to help participants in our Partnership Program build their brand and bring qualified leads into their pipeline; ensuring they maximize their ROI on marketing efforts. We also see opportunities to help our member’s increase their wealth and/or knowledge, and for our portfolio companies to reduce the “burn” rate and/or continue learning.

Partnership Opportunities exist in the following areas :

Monthly Investment Meetings

These monthly Investor Meetings provide a great opportunity for our Partners to get their brand in front of our members and the startup community; helping them learn how their products and services can
help both our portfolio companies and the companies our members may run themselves. We offer various options that include speaking opportunities, promotion, white papers, category exclusivity and access to pre-screening, screening and due diligence as a Partner Member.

Member Education

Throughout the year we offer Investor education focused on increasing our member’s knowledge on angel investing. This includes better understanding of the fundamentals of the startups presented to them, all the way to how to build a tax effective portfolio. This is a great opportunity for a Partner with domain expertise in Wealth Management, Law, Accounting, or Alternative Financing to help educate our members, while demonstrating the value that their company can bring.

Start up Education

The theme for Founder education is “Driving Your Startup to Scale”. This is a great opportunity for Partners with domain expertise in Law, IP & Patent, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, PR & Marketing, Recruitment or Wealth Management to help founders understand what they need to be doing to plan for the future of their company.

Demo Day

Working in conjunction with local accelerators and/or incubators, York Angels co-hosts Demo Days for our investors and special guests. Demo Days generally drive a large audience of members, potential members and ecosystem partners, giving you exposure to a large and diverse audience. Partnership at these events are tailored accord to the location and size of event.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships are tailored for corporations and organizations that have an interest in supporting the development and growth of early stage companies, while at the same time increasing their visibility in the GTA startup community. These are also the companies that understand that investments made in startups power our economy, in the long run, through job creation.

Partnerships with York Angels are available, but not limited to, the following business categories :

  • General Law
  • Immigration Law
  • IP & Patent Law
  • PR & Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Cloud Services
  • Alternative
  • SRED Financing
  • Payment Processing
  • Office Rental Real Estate
  • Logistics & Brokerage
  • Import/Export Services
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • General Insurance & Benefits
  • Business Insurance
  • Travel