York Angel Investors Inc. announces new Chair and Board members at its June 18, 2020 AGM

One of the greatest assets of the York Angel Investors organization is our people. We have a strong Membership of Angels that not only invest in exciting companies, but also provide mentorship and contribute to the growth of the Angel Ecosystem—a commitment demonstrated by our active Board of Directors. This group of professionals is devoted to overseeing the long-term success of the organization while delivering on our mandate to provide economic benefits for both Investors and the region.

We are pleased to announce that Angelo Del Duca, an active Angel Investor with a long history of mentoring companies for growth, has been elected the new Chair of the York Angel Investors Board of Directors. Angelo will be replacing Marat Mukhamedyarov. Marat has been a solid pillar in leading York Angel Investors since being elected as the Chair of the Board of Directors in 2017 and the Board wishes to acknowledge the valuable direction and experience, he brought to the York Angel Investors. Marat will maintain his Board seat providing his welcomed knowledge to Angelo as the newly elected Chair.

The Board is also excited to add three new members: Frank Auddino, Firdos Somji and Katie Salem. Additionally, Mohan Markandaier, York Angel Investors’ first Angel of the Year, requested not to stand for re-election, to concentrate on the growth of portfolio companies at Good News Ventures. These companies will reap significant benefits from his valuable experiences and mentorship. The Board is also pleased to announce Ana Misra will be continuing her role as Secretary and Katie Salem has been appointed as Treasurer.

More About our Incoming Board Chairman:

Angelo Del Duca has a long history with York Angel Investors organization from its early days of inception from its two visionaries Ana Misra and Scott MacCannell and strongly supported by Bob Glandfield. Angelo has been an active member of the Board since 2017.

York Angels has grown significantly from these early days and has demonstrated its impact, locally and nationally, due to the strength of its Membership and the ability of the Board to assist in creating an engaging investment environment. Angelo has demonstrated his commitment in continuing the trajectory of this growth as part of a strong Board team composed of Marat Mukhamedyarov, Terry Mocherniak, Ana Misra, Bob Glandfield, Chris Cowan, Frank Auddino, Katie Salem, and Firdos Somji.

As the incoming Chair, Angelo will continue to provide leadership in expanding the significant role that York Angels Investors plays in the Angel Investment community.

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