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York Angels provides a linkage between entrepreneurs seeking early and mid-stage capital, investors committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of their community, and partners that can support the growth of these startup companies through their products and services.
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Why York Angel Investors

At York Angel Investors we believe in the power of transformative ideas, diverse teams, collaborative mentorship and strategic financing. We are a York Region-based angel group that supports entrepreneurs through various stages of early growth.

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One of the primary goals of York Angels is of create superior financial returns for our members, as well as the companies that we invest in. Investments we make often represent the bridge between Self-Financed/Friends & Family funding and Seed Stage, Venture Capital, or Private Equity funding

Our members consist of accredited investors with a broad range of professional experiences and business success. Through our financial support and mentorship, we have recently had a number of our portfolio companies achieve successful exits.

We invest in early-stage startups primarily in the following areas

  • IOT & ICT
  • CPG

Benefits of Joining York Angels Investors

  • Access to 30+ vetted investment opportunities annually.
  • Networking events with investors with cross-industries knowledge and startups.
  • Opportunity to mentor a new generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Shared workload and increased learning on deal flow, due diligence and negotiations.
  • Education focused on portfolio construction and risk reduction.
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How York Angels Invest in Companies

The primary goal of any angel investor is return on investment. At York Angels we are typically focused on investing in early stage technology companies with valuations of $5 million or less. We also have a preference for companies that are working with their initial customers to determine use cases and/or product market fit. Preference will be given to companies that have demonstrated that founder/friends/family capital has been extensively deployed to bring the product or service to, or very nearly to its first revenue customers. The company has not likely undertaken a capital raise beyond this insider group.

Why seek Funding from York Angel Investors

  • Access to over 100 active accredited investors.
  • Capital to propel your business.
  • Mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and business executives.
  • Direct access to resources to help reduce your financial “burn rate”
  • Objective feedback from diversified investors with broad industry knowledge.
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