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York Angels Membership Registration Form
At York Angel Investors, we are committed to providing our members with a variety of investment opportunities. We are proud to host a group of experienced accredited investors, who themselves have diverse knowledge in a wide range of industries. As successful business people and entrepreneurs, our members bring smart money to the table, and are able to offer their expertise in IT, SaaS, life sciences, clean tech, and retail, among other trades.

York Angels is dedicated to providing an excellent experience and service to all our members. We are pleased to offer three membership categories: Sponsorship, Corporate and Individual. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

Your involvement in the group as an angel investor may range anywhere from very active (Deal Lead, Advisor, Board Member, Consultant) to passive (joining in our deals with investment dollars only). Individual members decide which angel deals they want to participate in. While the sky is often the limit, individuals are usually welcome to participate in deals with as little commitment as $10K. Part of our mandate to our Membership is to provide regular educational seminars so that our Members can build their knowledge, their networks, as well as their investment portfolios.

Not sure what an accredited investor is? Find out here.

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To join as a member, complete the registration form below. We will contact you once your portfolio has been submitted.
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    How involved would you typically like to be in a company that you invest in?
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